Photo: George E. Baker | Video: Clare Schweitzer

Space Speaks is a work inspired by the early research of cultural anthropologist Edward T. Hall's Proxemic Theory. It is the bridging of the boundaries of personal and public space within our most humanistic domains. Premiered at ODC Pilot 68's WILD BODIES.

Interstice (2016)

Photo & Video: Gavin Impett

Inferring the possibilities within an improvised movement score, Interstice premiered during SAFEhouse Arts' 9th Annual Summer Performance Festival. 


Photo: Afshin Odabaee | Video: Gavin Impett

Transverse Course is a study of linear progression and regression, emanating from a predetermined spatial circuitry. A route, a grid, and the along-the-ways to our ultimate destination. Premiered during SAFEhouse Arts' 9th Annual Summer Performance Festival.

OF SAND & STONE (2016)

Photo & Video: Gavin Impett

"Nothing is built on stone; all is built on sand, but we must build as if the sand were stone." - Jorge Luis Borges.

Of Sand & Stone is an ode to the dreamers, builders, seekers, and treasure hunters of the San Francisco Bay. Premiered in tandem with dance anywhere® 2016.

Bridges Between Us (2015)

Photo & Video: Gavin Impett

Bridges Between Us explores the relationship of the structures built to simultaneously align and separate ourselves from others. Premiered in tandem with dance anywhere® 2015. 

Off the Cuff (2014)

Photo & Video: Gavin Impett

Unfolds the notion of repetition. Nuanced changes among recurring motifs. Perception and memory. By molding, shaping, and calibrating, we create what was once fleeting to the eye into something a bit more permanent. 

Off the Cuff was made possible by SAFEhouse for the Performing Arts RAW (Resident Artist Workshop) and is the winner of the sjDANCEco Audience Choice Award (Fall 2014). 

Beneath Cupid's Arrow (2014)

Photo & Video: Peter Cheng

Beneath Cupid's Arrow premiered during Bay Area Dance Week 2014 as a site embedded improvisation beneath the massive expanse of Claes Oldenburg & Coosje van Bruggen's "Cupid's Span" on The Embarcadero waterfront. 

Lunch Break (2014)

Photo: Krista Lane | Video: Courtesy dance anywhere®

An opportunity to see beyond the suit and tie, Lunch Break reveals our creative beings when stripped away from the 9 to 5. Performed in tandem with dance anywhere® 2014.